Saturday, October 11, 2014

Stories by My 7 Year Old Son

Jake and Jace

Once there was a boy named Jake and Jake had a brother named Jace. They lived in a village in Mexico. They lived by the ocean.

There was a well. It ran out of water. They went to the ocean.

There was a large dam and it covered the water's edge. It stormed and all their crops and shelter caught on fire. They didn't know what to do.

Then... a tornado came by them. It picked them up... and they went west... over the Pacific Ocean... and then north... and then east to California in the USA.

They were lucky and still alive.

Some people were scared and so they went to a farm.

Jake and Jace knew much about how to farm, but they went back to the city and they dressed like Americans. They got a house and job.

They were not scary anymore.

They lived in the USA for the rest of their lives.


The Ending World

Once in a jungle the air got cool and it started getting colder. It was snowing and the wind was breezing.

In the earth there was a cave going from one side to the other. Someone jumped in and never came back.

The earth cracked splitting one side 52 miles from the other.

One side had just the ocean. One, which was the other side, had everything else.

The one with just the ocean went to a northern galaxy. All the water fell off except for the boats and the people.

The other formed more water from the lake. The other one also had some holes with water in it. It formed water too. The people built buildings and houses too.

But then, there were too many stars that were as big as the star named the Sun.

The people named it Steal. Earth was the one with everything but the oceans. Steal was the one with just ocean.

One of the stars hit Steal. It exploded. It went all the way to the galaxy with Saturn and hit Saturn. A little bit of Saturn broke off. It shot off; it went slower, and slower. It went over by Earth and stopped.

They called it The Year of 1.

They called the big rock the moon. Every year went higher. The moon went gray.

Everybody called it The Ending World.