Monday, March 10, 2014

Life is a Complicated, Hot Mess!

I've always started the labyrinth at the end to not hit roadblocks. 

I'd win at pool:  not because I got all my balls in, but because I studied my opponent and would line the balls up so he'd sink the 8-Ball. 

I did well on multiple choice tests. Not because I knew the answers, but because I'm a great guesser and could deduce what the answer wasn't.  

I couldn't tell you the name of the strategy to implement for proper change management and performance excellence. I can flip your company upside down and execute it without batting a lash, just don't ask me what that strategy is called. 

I get so passionate and frustrated when I see others in power make hasty choices. I feel powerless when I can't stop it. I battle feelings to decide if I should trudge on, making do with the pieces, or throw in the towel & shut down. 

I love people, yet I'm socially awkward.

I want to lead, yet I don't wish to be noticed. 

I want rest, yet I don't want to shut my mind off to sleep.

I love the sun and I love music, yet I have an aversion to anything too bright... Or too noisy... 

I'm vegetarian yet sometimes I even feel sad for broccoli if I eat it. 

I praise others for their uniqueness and imperfections. I remind others that low expectations are the secret to happiness. Secretly I'm a closet perfectionist and cry if I don't exceed my own high expectations. Always aware I'm not delivering my full potential.

I know I have purpose here, yet feel lost.

Why does life have to be a complicated hot mess?