Sunday, April 13, 2014

Harmony and Conflict

It's such a strange predicament
to be both adverse to
yet attracted to

I don't mean to create it intentionally.
When I find myself in the midst of it
the greater purpose is to achieve

We don't say what we think
because we don't want to cause conflict...
We don't want to cause a stink
and yet in turn our need to keep the peace results in

Misperceptions abound
and conspiracy theories are born.
This is when I tend to step in and
see that all of our masks are torn.

You see, we all have these animalistic
instinctual needs.
When our subconsious is hungry
it triggers us that it's time to feed. 

There's something inside each of us 
that is toxic for one another.
Understanding these hidden needs and
desires can help us to see the value of each other.

When our tensions flare up
this is our internal button going off to check in.
Instead of thinking the behavior is about us
try to put yourself in the other person's skin. 

There is a hidden instinctual need
that isn't being fed.
Are you starving someone you care about
by what you have done or by what you have said?

The next time you find yourself having conflict with one another
I encourage you not to stay silent or to run, but
rather to sit down with each other.

Look at the big picture and read between the lines.
Sure, at first it's uncomfortable, but 
I promise you that no one with die and
you will both be fine.

After you have broken through 
the conflict that has been the elephant in the room
for far too long between the two of you
what you will finally see 
is that uncomfortable internal conflict
is the bridge we cross to find